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When Your Customers Connect To Your Facebook Guest WiFi They Are Promoting Your Establishment On Their Facebook Timeline

Your Facebook Business Page
This Could Be Your  Facebook Business Page
Your Customer Facebook Timeline
This is What Your Customer Friends See On their Timeline 

Or You Can Direct Them To Your Website Or any Website

This Is How It Works

1. It's Simple To Use

​You have to have an internet connection

  • ​When your customers sign-in, they will see your business page.
  • ​They can review your Facebook page and give you a like for sharing your internet.
  • ​And now you have a happy customer

Our Special WiFi Device Makes This All Happen

Our Facebook Wi-Fi device is installed at your location to isolate your guest from your private network. Installation and configuration is included in our standard package price. ​It comes with ​a 1 yrs warranty on the device. 

Using Facebook Guest WiFi For Your Business

Digital marketing has proven to be a headache for many brick-and-mortar businesses. If you are running such a business, you know how frustrating it can be to promote your brand or business. Probably you are getting very few likes and there is minimal engagement taking place on your Facebook page. So, should you give up on Facebook and channel your energy somewhere else? The answer is no. We are here to give you hope. You can still use Facebook to your advantage. You simply need to install Facebook Guest WiFi in your business premises.

You got it right. Facebook Guest WiFi is the way to go for brick and mortar businesses to market their business. At this point, you may be wondering how this technology works and the impact that it will have on your business. Read on as we reveal some of the features of this product and the impact that it can have on your business.

customer will be redirected to your Facebook Business Page

​Once your customers sign in to your ​WiFi, the first page that they will visit is your Facebook business page. It doesn’t matter whether they are trying to visit another website. They will spend some moments on your Facebook page before proceeding to their preferred sites. Of course, this has a direct impact on your business. They will at least have some knowledge about the existence of your business on Facebook.

Apart from just knowing about your presence, a customer will get more information about your business. This will happen if you keep your Facebook page up to date with the relevant information about your business. They may discover other goods or services that you are offering yet they were not aware of them.

Customers can like and review your Facebook page
Apart from just seeing your Facebook, your customers can go ahead and take further steps. They can like the page and give it a review. These two actions have a very significant impact on the overall performance of the business. By liking the page, it means that they will join your list of followers. They will always get notifications on all the content that you post on your page.

In addition to liking the page, the customers can leave a positive review about the business. This will portray your business in a positive way and other people who will read the reviews will be attracted to your business. In overall, you will have a happy customer both physically and digitally.

Wide Outreach

​It is the wish of every business owner to reach out to more people through Facebook. However, achieving this can be quite a herculean task. Facebook WiFi can help to spread your business name within a short time. It can achieve this goal in many different ways.

First, when customers check in to use your WiFi, your business page, a map of your business location, name and address will appear on their timelines and all their Facebook friends will discover it. Some of them will even click on the ​map to get more information about ​your business.

The second way is after checking in, customers will be asked whether they want to like your Facebook page. Once they take that step, that will become your marketing tool. Apart from just seeing your Facebook posts, they will be also sharing some of the posts. In doing so, your brand name will spread far and wide. At the end of the day, the number of your customers will increase.

​​Improve your visibility on Facebook
Having a Facebook page is one thing and being visible is another. Facebook uses various factors to determine your ranks and visibility. Some of these factors include engagement rate and check-ins. Facebook Guest WiFi will increase the number of check-ins and engagements. This will boost your ranks and visibility on this social media site.

You want to have a Facebook guess wifi account it's wasy

You can enjoy all these benefits without straining. Simply let us know and we can install your Facebook Guest WiFi device today. The only requirement is you need to have an internet connection. Our device is 100% safe and will not compromise on your internet security. It won’t give your password away. Facebook Guest WiFi is cost-effective. As a business, you will not spend a lot of money to advertise your Facebook page on this device.

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