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Creating An Effective Social-Store Strategy

When crafting plans for integrating social media into the brick-and-mortar store, retailers should consider a number of elements, according to Davis-Taylor, including: The store, the category, the product and what makes it unique, and current shopping behaviors.

But most importantly, retailers need to determine how they can amplify consumers’ shopping behaviors and encourage them to talk more about their experiences throughout the entire brand journey.

“Retailers need to look at before, during and after the purchase and consider their consumers’ shopping behaviors,” Davis-Taylor explained. However, because consumers continue to hop between channels and devices throughout their browsing and buying journeys, there no longer is a standard path to purchase, she added. Instead retailers “need to create a shopping story.”

Davis-Taylor suggested that brands and retailers ask themselves the following questions:

  • Would I engage with this brand personally? Why?
  • Does this strategy amplify or add value to my brand? How?
  • Would I take five minutes out of my day and participate in this campaign? What emotional currency am I creating with this strategy?

Additionally, to ensure that marketing and engagement strategies are relevant, retailers need to clearly identify target customers and their preferred social channels.

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