???Brick & Mortar Retailers Leveraging Social Media

Organic vs. Non-organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)





Whether you’re a small business owner, a franchisee, or a manager for a retail chain, social media has the potential to drive the bottom line at your brick-and-mortar location. Today’s highly social and mobile customers are already inside your store, sharing photos, asking their social networks for recommendations, and writing reviews about your services.

Our software is designed to help any brick and mortar business get more customers to walk through your door. Maintain strong relationships to keep them coming back. Drive in-store purchases, gain insights into the customer experience and monitor your reputation.

Just because you're a brick and mortar only retailer, you can still leverage social media for your business with Brick Web & Mobile.

But how can retailers tap Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, such as Pinterest, to accelerate the sales cycle from initial research to the final purchase decision? And more importantly, how can retailers measure social media’s overall impact on the brick-and-mortar business?

Experts indicate that social media can be effectively integrated into brick-and-mortar strategies; and while some forward-thinking companies are seeing initial success with this approach, it’s still early for the industry as a whole. ?

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