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You are reading this because you  are interested in the Divi Theme.
Perhaps you already have the Divi Theme or are considering it.
Either way you are in the right place and dealing with the right experts.

​5 Tips For Easier, Faster, Cheaper
Use Of The Brilliant Divi Theme

  1. Divi is ​brilliant but it is NOT rocket science​. Yes, you certainly can learn to ​use it to ​power your business but here's what you should consider ...
  2. Like all great tools, Divi is comprehensive and is applicable to a wide variety of businesses, including yours. That means there's a lot to learn. Should you be working *in* your business or *on* your business? ;-)

    Think: Do you service your own car, fix your own domestic plumbing and re-roof your home? I have not doubt you 'can' do those things but do you actually do them all? Or do you leave those tasks to the experts, with the right tool-sets, who can do them easier, faster, cheaper!

  3. ​Divi has an array of *hidden* power tools. Naturally not everything can be taught in lesson 1. Some things have to left for lesson 20 and others for lesson 50 .... and yet others are not in the tutorials at all. They are discovered by experts like our team, in the field (not in the videos).

  4. ​Powerful as Divi is, ​your business really starts to hum (sing, become great) when Divi is integrated with a great business infrastructure. Anyone can install a Divi theme. How many can make your business hum!  ;-)

  5. A true Divi e​xpert(s) is not one who installs it for you or tweaks. Rather a Divi installation requires a total business solution. be sure to employ an expert - with a team - who can complement and complete your online business solution not just make it pretty.

    Your Divi 'partner' must be able to review (free of charge) and provide guidance about your end-to-end solution and any potential gaps. Do you know any such team? Allow us to introduce you to ​exactly such a team ...

​The Divi Team: Brick Web & Mobile

You are now connecting to a highly experienced team with extensive expertise ​in helping YOU power your business with the Divi Theme ​in order to add new designs, enticing ​customer experiences and powerful functionality to ​your Divi website(s).

As your 'Divi Partner', Brick Web & Mobile specializes in:

  • Divi and WordPress website building​
  • ​Theme development and support, including minor or major tweaks
  • Business system implementation- from thesimple to complex - we have it all
  • Implement security and develop complex business processes
  • Install ecommerce shopping carts
  • ​Creating beautiful, functional websites ​and 
  • Provide solutions to your specific business needs.

​Would you like ​to use our technical skills and creativity to help you grow your business and get your message in front of ​audiences ​who will become your loyal customers.


As a software development company we only work with the best of the best. For nearly a decade we have been working with Roosevelt Simmons of Brick Web & Mobile for all our external server management, webmaster and testing requirements.

Roosevelt & BWAM are our go to people for all our Elegant Themes Divi work, site management and testing. Our confidence in Roosevelt is so high that we also refer our most valued clients to Roosevelt and his team for all their Divi work and online presence needs. You will find it a major challenge to find a nicer, more trustworthy Divi and web expert who always delivers.

Vishnu Nampoothiry Chief Systems Architect, Softwebers

Professional + Knowledgeable ​ Development Services

Of course you'd like the support and services from an experienced webmaster and web service provider. ​You have found the right partner ...

  • Talk to us 
  • What have you got in mind?
  • What is your biggest problem(s)?
  • How may we help you?


Roosevelt Simmons is the epitome of good work ethic and attention to detail. If you’re looking to work with someone who is committed to transforming your project into a masterpiece you can be proud of. Roosevelt comes with my highest recommendation.

Lonnie Robinson CEO at Robinson Infomedia, Inc.

Tiny Or Extensive Custom Solutions ...

At Brick Web & Mobile we have developed professional websites for law firms, brick and mortar ​businesses,  online stores, pure digital delivery businesses and ​more, using the Divi Theme​ and others when needed.

We have sometimes done this work as tiny edits to existing work and at other times we have used our extensive online platforms to augment and enhance the businesses of our valued clients WITHOUT the clients having to pay for new development.

Talk to us and let​ us discover ​how our expertise, ​technical tools and powerful platforms can benefit you at a fraction of what it would normally cost you to gain access to such technologies.

Using the same strategies, ​we have created beautiful and functional websites that excel at capturing leads, making sales and building a loyal customer base.

Talk to us with total confidence, knowing that we provide you with custom Divi functionality and a solution that's ​a perfect fit to your needs and wants. Get that custom feature you want without spending a fortune in time ​or money.

Fill in the form below to connect to us. Let's talk ...

We Are The Divi Experts

We specialize in helping you - the Divi user - to add new design and functionality to your Divi website. We know the Divi theme like the back of our hands.  Allow us to build your entire website from scratch or to enhance your existing site.

​Let's Get Started ...

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