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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

​If you have a brick-and-mortar business or an online business or just a website that you’re looking to draw more attention to, read on to learn more about how to make the best, cost-effective decisions to boost your search engine ranking and get the traffic you need.

​What is seo

Search Engine Optimization is the process of using methods to boost ranking or frequency of a website in returned results by a search engine. The goal is to increase the volume of qualified traffic to your site. The two popular methods of SEO are organic and non-organic.

Organic SEO also known as Natural SEO, ​(Search Engine Optimization)

​By definition describes the processes involved in obtaining natural placement results on Organic Search Engine Result Pages (Also known as SERPs).

Best Practices & techniques used in Organic SEO includes; Website Onsite Optimization, keyword manipulation, Meta tags, Backlinking and Link Building to increase your website link popularity as well as writing content relevant to your business so your potential clients can find you online.

  • Pros: Long-term results, Inexpensive, Attracts 80% of search traffic
  • Cons: Takes longer to see effect, Can be complicated, Unpredictable results

Non-organic SEO or Artificial SEO?

May yield quicker results and bump up your initial ranking and placement, but the effects are generally less effective in the long run when compared to organic SEO. Most popular in Inorganic SEO include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) like Google AdWords, Bing AdWords, and other Paid Advertising Services online. It works by concentrating on search engine marketing which involves paid advertising, pay-per-click advertising as well as paid affiliate marketing.

  • Pros: Quick, Ideal for customer targeting, Great for brand awareness
  • Cons: Can be expensive, Requires constant fine-tuning, Ranking can plummet if you stop

Sites using organic SEO in the truest sense will be much like organisms, meaning they will grow, expand and adapt over time in response to readers' desires.

Why do I need SEO for my business?

Search engine optimization is an essential component of a business’s marketing and sales strategy. With the rise and rapid growth of the Internet and the demise of many traditional (offline) channels to reach customers and prospects such as the Yellow Pages, having a web presence has become increasingly important if not vital.

Reasons for developing and implementing a clear SEO and web presence strategy include:

  • ​To optimize your web presence and visibility.
    To optimize your web presence and visibility.
  • ​To build better branding and positioning for your business, products and services.
    To build better branding and positioning for your business, products and services.
  • To increase the online credibility and trust for your business.
  • ​To identify a business’ most effective keywords.
    To identify a business’ most effective keywords.
  • To rank higher in the search engines.
  • ​To increase traffic from potential customers.
    To increase traffic from potential customers.
  • ​To increase the number of repeat visitors and customers.
    To increase the number of repeat visitors and customers.
  • ​To Grow Your Business – $$$
    To Grow Your Business – $$$

What’s best for my business?

For a small business, it is better to start with Organic SEO because aside from it is a low-cost venture; it will build your internet presence gradually and eventually have a solid foundation in your own niche – provided that you are doing the right way. It is not bad to invest in non-organic. You just have to make sure that you are investing on the right campaigns and not on the overly artificial ways to gain traffic and rank. Avoid investing too much on paid advertising and instead invest in creating relevant and useful content.